The mission to Uganda began in January 2015. Ray Wilson (White Buffalo), who was then President of BBGM, heard the Macedonian call and made an exploratory trip to Uganda to visit Pastor Kavuma Fred and see the needs of the growing ministry that was taking place under his leadership.

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Ray was filled with compassion for those he saw that were in such dire need, both physically and spiritually. He was very touched by Pastor Fred’s commitment, dedication and vision for future outreach and ministry, not only in his own area, but also in many outlying villages where children were destitute, without parents, without food, without shelter, without education and most importantly, without the Gospel message and the opportunity know Jesus personally.

Little did Ray know that two weeks after returning home to Silverton, Oregon, he would have a life-changing stroke. However, the vision that began to grow in him for Uganda is continuing as we move forward.

Some things that have been done since Ray’s visit include:

Daily feeding and providing care and education for over 200 children.

The old school that collapsed

A new school has been built

A cistern for drinking water was purchased and installed
Teachers housing was purchased next to the new school
A generator for the school purchased

Washroom facilities have been built
A soccer team has begun as an outreach to Muslim youth, and many other needs have been met
Pastor Kavuma Fred and family


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