Currently we have 375 children in our mission in Uganda that need sponsoring. Sponsoring a child has an amazing potential. A child that has little or no hope is given a precious gift of a future. These sponsored children will receive meals, and education, medical treatment, a place to live, and the Gospel.

These children come from situations that are less than ideal. Some have one parent at home, many have none and are cared for by extended family or legal guardians. Several have been either neglected or abused. Our goal was to provide a safe place for them, food and medical care, and most of all, a loving, caring environment where they can learn about the love of Jesus.

According to World Vision, many of these sponsored children will become police officers, government works, teachers, nurses, and doctors. These children after graduating often become supporting siblings and contribute to their community. The community is being transformed, one child at a time. The impact is huge.

You can make a difference!

You can give a child hope and the promise of a bright future. 

Through sponsoring a child for just $35 a month…

  • you will provide an opportunity for that child to know Jesus and receive continual teaching in the Word
  • you will provide a home, instead of homelessness
  • you will provide nutritious meals twice a day, seven days a week
  • you will provide an education that this child would not have had the opportunity to have before
  • and you will provide health care, and possibly save a life with simple treatment for malaria and typhoid, among many various illnesses that can take lives in this area